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BTS become the Kings of Fashion Style

 The talent and charisma of the BTS members helped them win over fans from all over the world, but there were other elements that captured the attention of the public and the fashion of the idols was one of them.

BTS become the Kings of  Fashion Style

Throughout their career, the Big Hit Entertainment group has transformed their image on several occasions, adapting to the concepts of each comeback and experimenting a bit with their looks. For that reason, we have also witnessed an evolution from BTS's fresh and youthful appearance to a more mature and fashionable one.

As time passes, the members make it clearer what kind of outfits best reflect each other's preferences and thus managed to be crowned Kings of Style within Esquire magazine, where the good taste of K- idols was highlighted Pop.

BTS and the key to their great fashion sense

The gala events let us see the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan wearing elegant suits or formal clothes that show how good the elegant style looks, but even on a casual day they manage to turn any space into a catwalk thanks to their talent when combining clothes.

The Korean media pointed out that the members of BTS are clear proof of the great impact that clothes have when you stick to your own style and what makes you feel good, as this is reflected by making you look incredible.

The members of the group have become an inspiration for their fans, who do not stop throwing compliments to the outfits of idols no matter the occasion. Another aspect in which BTS inspires ARMY is through good deeds, during J-Hope's birthday they made a very special donation and in Rex Nation, we tell you what it is about.

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