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Valve is looking to hire a game psychologist

 Valve is looking to hire a psychologist with a passion for gaming to help conduct research and design experiments for the company

Valve is looking to hire a psychologist

Valve, the creative studio behind popular games such as the Half-Life series and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is searching for a new psychologist for a location in Bellevue, Washington.Its website claims to be looking for people who have it. A wide range of skills and expertise

Not only that But the expectation for Valve's psychologists is to work with peers and deliver new initiatives to the company through their research. Historically, these psychologists have helped Valve run experiments about eye tracking and sweat detection for games. Interestingly, this isn't the strangest requirement for the job. Bungie's job listing once asked if applicants were comfortable working with "weird characters", so the possibilities were endless.

Part of the requirement for this psychologist position is to create an engaging gaming experience for Valve games and to improve the game's testing methods. Following the success of the latest Half-Life: Alyx game, it appears the company is looking for ways to continue pushing the limits of the future of console gaming.

Valve is looking to hire a game psychologist

Another job one can expect from the entrepreneurs listed on their website is Human Behavior Research with Steam Platform Customer Service, an experiment to evaluate game design options and get an overview of their products and business practices. . Valve, the people in these positions, hope to use all the basics of experiment design, human behavior statistics, and research methods to help Valve serve a global audience.

Qualifications for a position in which Valve states that the applicant must have a minimum. Have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a related field, knowledge of statistics, research experience in product and service development, and experience in the cognitive and human factors of psychology. With coding languages ​​like C ++, Python or PHP as a complement.

Valve can offer many benefits to your employees, such as vacation assistance and adoption. The company will gladly reimburse applicants for essential childcare expenses during company interviews. It is a good opportunity.For players who want to combine their passion for games and psychology, hopefully the fans who had to work during that time can take advantage of this opportunity. More information can be found on Valve's official website.
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