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New God of War's Ragnarok Sequel

 Norse gods that may appear in God of War's Ragnarok sequel

There are a number of Norse gods who didn't appear in God of War in 2018, likely to play a huge role in the sequel during Ragnarok.

The God of War sequel is going after the massive success of the latest game, becoming one of the fastest-selling PlayStation specials of all time. If "Ragnarok is coming", as the trailer suggests, there might be a Norse god. Many of those that were not seen in the final game that will eventually be released in the game.

With the next God of War game focused on Ragnarok, there are plenty of Norse gods besides Thor and Odin playing a key role, likely appearing many as the battle boss. Here are just a few of the gods that have yet to appear in the God of War's Ragnarok sequel.


Tyr is the Norse god of war and has an important role to play in Ragnarok. Tyr has only one hand, as Fenrir, the wolf destined to consume Father Odin during the twilight of the gods, bit his hand. Tyr himself is destined to be eaten by Garmr, the hound that protects the underworld, who will also be mortally wounded in the fight.

New God of War's Ragnarok Sequel

The descriptions of Tyr in God of War so far paint him as a very different god of war than both Ares and Kratos. He is a diplomat despite his position, and is one of the few Norse gods that Kratos himself respects. This could make his role in Ragnarok even more interesting, especially if Kratos fights alongside Atreus, AKA Loki, while Tyr fights alongside his partner Aesir.


Heimdall played a key role in Ragnarok as Bifrost Bridge Guard to Asgard Heimdall blew the Gjallarhorn to signal the Norse gods it was time to meet on the final battlefield. In Ragnarok's legendary prophecy, Heimdall and Loki are said to attack each other, a recurring matter and perish while watching the world around them destroyed by the apocalypse.

New God of War's Ragnarok Sequel

Whether the deaths of Loki and Heimdall are included in Ragnarok's prophecy in the God of War universe or not, while the gods designated to kill Loki, Heimdall likely plays a key role to play. If nothing else, he might be one of the most interesting bosses in the game, he is said to have bright white skin and golden teeth.

To live

Vedar is the Norse god of vengeance and the gods destined to avenge his father Odin after the Almighty is beaten by the Fenrirkin wolf. It's unclear if Ragnarok's events will play the same way they did in the lore, so if Odin was killed by Kratos and Atreus Vidar was unlikely to be left behind.


Vidar is one of the gods that are supposed to survive Ragnarok, others include Magni and Thor's children Modi, but since they are dead, Odin might send Vidar to kill Atreus and Kratos, only to have Vidar killed and Odin will be shocked. Even more, he didn't just mean to die in Ragnarok, but his Pantheon's heir also died.


Even though Atreus was revealed to be Loki, God of War players still haven't seen what it means by the end of Ragnarok.Atreus could be a very different character, especially if he gets older and Use timing controls to explain how World Serpent and Fenrir are their children.

New God of War's Ragnarok Sequel

Only time will tell what role Loki plays in God of War's Ragnarok and how much he will stick to the original legend. However, many fans will be very interested to see what kind of magician god Atreus and how it affects Atreus and Kratos' relationship in the God of War Ragnarok sequel.

The sequel to God of War is in development.

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