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Nathan Drake's Character Review in the game Uncharted

 Tom Holland has flaunted his appearance as the character Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of the game Uncharted. This popular game series owned by PlayStation and Naughty Dog tells of a treasure hunter who loves to travel to various exotic countries. It is not uncommon for Nate (his nickname) to often enter a remote temple, making his life happy.

Tomm Hollad

Those of you who are eagerly awaiting the presence of this film are certainly made to wonder, who is this Nathan Drake who will be played by Tom Holland? Could it be that the young actor can bring to life the characteristics of one of the most popular PlayStation game characters? Come on, consider some of the following facts!

1. The Beginning of Nathan Drake's Travel Story

In the first film, it turns out that the script that was produced will tell the life of Nathan Drake long before the first game. Later, Tom Holland will play the younger Nathan Drake, because his age in the first game was more than 30 years.

The storyline in the Uncharted film still cannot be explained. However, it looks like we can see that Tom Holland will still play action-packed scenes, typical of the game. This means, it could be that Nathan Drake, who is said to have formed an interest in an adventure in search of hidden treasure.

2. Improve his Family image

In the game, it is told that Nathan is a descendant of the British sailor, Sir Francis Drake, who went to sea in the 16th century. His grandfather was a sailor who led the British occupation of several parts of the United States. Nathan believed that his great-grandfather had a very interesting historical background to tell.

It could be that in this first film we will see Nathan Drake's struggle to find the location where his great-grandfather was buried. In the first game, Nathan is said to have found the tomb at the beginning of the game before being attacked by a pirate gang.

3.Nathan Drake's Ancestors are Historical Figures

Sir Francis Drake turns out to be a genuine figure in the history of British servants to America. At that time, Nathan Drake's great-grandfather was told as one of the famous captains who managed to explore the Pacific Ocean to help the British occupation of California.

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When he died, Sir Francis Drake's coffin was thrown into the sea along with his armor and belongings. This is what prompted Nathan Drake to go on an adventure in the first part of the film. Will this be the motive for young Nathan Drake that we will see in the film adaptation?

4. Inspired by Indiana Jones and Lara Croft

The character of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series looks very much inspired by Indiana Jones and the Tomb Raider character, Lara Croft. The three of them, together carry on the adventure of hunting mysterious treasure in parts of the world. On the other hand, Nathan's character is like a combination of the two, inheriting Indiana Jones' ingenuity and Lara Croft's ability to survive.

In contrast to these two characters, Nathan seemed to have a more humanistic side. In the game, Nathan Drake's long journey is often peppered with stories of friendship and displays his quite fragile personality. This made him easily liked by his fans.

5. Could it be that the adult Nathan Drake was played by someone else?

Tom Holland might not be able to fully play Nathan Drake in the next few films. This is reflected in his appearance that is still too young while the figure of Nathan Drake in the four games looks mature. Towards middle age, it seems that there could be other actors who replace him halfway.

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Seeing the possibility of developing the film, it could be that the sequel to the film adaptation of the Uncharted game will not last long. However, if you succeed in the market through the first film, which is a prequel to the game, it is possible that the continuation of the film will be directly made by Sony.

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