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Atlas Rogues Review


Atlas Reactor is returning as a co-op PvE strategy roguelite called Atlas Rogues

Atlas Reactor was an "XCOM meets Overwatch" turn-based strategy game that we liked quite a bit based on an alpha build in early 2016. It wasn't able to attract an audience, though, and after a few years of operation, and a back-and-forth from free-to-play to premium pricing and back again, it shut down in June 2019.

Image of Atlas Rogues

Soon it will return, sort of, as Atlas Rogues, which will trade the 4-on-4 PvP action of the original for turn-based PvE battles in a roguelite game world. Based on a prototype from the early days of Atlas Reactor, Atlas Rogues will support singleplayer or co-op multiplayer for up to four people, who must prevent a catastrophic meltdown in the city of Atlas by assembling and leading a team of characters attempting to retrieve Reactor keys from the evil Trusts—basically evil corporations who are out to either rule or destroy the world. (Possibly both, that part's not super-clear yet.)

The good news is that Atlas appears to be caught in some kind of Star Trek-style time loop, so even if you biff it and the city blows up, its roguelite styling means you'll get another crack at the job, with a better (or at least more experienced) team. Each character has a unique set of abilities and talents, and will earn experience through each run through the loop that will unlock more talents, plus new mission events and additional characters.

"When the loop resets, the content changes, making every run unique. Dynamic missions and rewards force you to strategize how best to gather the intel and gear you need to take on the Trust strongholds," publisher Gamigo said. "As you grow your power, the Trusts will improve their troops with random escalations, keeping you on your toes. If you have the ISO to spare, reach out to lancer contacts to see if you can buy the secrets and ammo you need directly. Mix and match different freelancers to see what combinations of gameplay and events are revealed!"
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