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Yugyeom GOT7 kicks off his path to AOMG with dance video

 The suspicions of GOT7 fans were confirmed with the announcement of AOMG's new artist, and Yugyeom shone with his first steps into this new beginning in his career.

Yugyeom GOT7 kicks off his path to AOMG with dance video

Since last month the AHGASES have faced a roller coaster of emotions that has led them to learn about the future plans of their favorite idols, not only as a group but also as solo artists. When AOMG announced the arrival of a new artist, all suspicions were pointing towards Yugyeom and his arrival at the company today was finally made official.

After a round of teasers, AOMG shared a clip on their social networks that shows a new side of Kim Yugyeom, as the idol prepared a video full of strength and on a night stage where he showed his great ability to dance.

AOMG welcomes Yugyeom

As is a tradition within this company, all the artists under the label celebrated the arrival of a new member to the team, shared clips and photos about the idol's announcement along with messages of support for Yugyeom, inviting their followers not to miss out. what will show soon?

For its part, the company also accompanied its publications with a welcome message where they also raised the excitement for its plans for the future.

AOMG and artist Yugyeom have started again together. Please show interest in Yugyeom's various musical activities that he will be showing through AOMG.

After having deleted a large part of his posts on Instagram, the main dancer of GOT7 also shared his excitement for this new stage by posting all the teasers that announced his arrival at AOMG and a short clip of his video dancing to the rhythm of FRANCHISE.

We also recently told you that Mark Tuan released an animated video that accompanies his song One in a Million.

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