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Youngjae GOT7 Launches V Live Channel with AHGASE

Youngjae prepared rice cakes in front of his fans and although the recipe was far from easy, GOT7 fans enjoyed every moment with him.

Youngjae GOT7 Launches V Live Channel with AHGASE

After joining Sublime Artist Agency, Youngjae had a live broadcast as part of welcoming him and the start of a new stage in his career, now the GOT7 member has reunited with his followers from his own channel by V Live.

The vocalist held a thematic opening for his channel, so he opted to prepare rice cakes as if it were the opening of a shop for these sandwiches. He was confident and said he had read a lot about the recipe, but after practice everything got complicated, providing an adorable and fun moment for AHGASE.

He began to mix the ingredients to create the dough but the process was not as easy as the idol imagined, so at the end he said that the work of the rice sellers was really complex and worthy of recognition, despite this he tried his creation and gave a positive vote for the flavor.

GOT7 members don't stop their activities

In addition to congratulating his fans on the Lunar New Year, Youngjae also announced that he will soon be on the Question Mark show, getting his fans excited to see him on screen again. On the other hand, AHGASE also celebrated that Jackson Wang reached 22 million followers on his personal Instagram account.

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