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Stray Kids' Hyunjin joins idols accused of bullying

 Recently several cases have been revealed where Korean actors and idols were accused of school violence, a new account points to Hyunjin as an alleged assailant.

Stray Kids' Hyunjin joins idols accused of bullying

The person in charge of posting the message stated that while he was at school he was a partner of the Stray Kids member. He and other students managed to get into a small agency and began to act taking small roles that helped them improve their skills, but according to his account, Hyunjin would have questioned him about what kind of project it was, belittling his ability to debut earlier.

After the incident, the students involved began to suffer verbal abuse from the idol as well as other boys within a group chat.

JYP Entertainment shares a message regarding the allegations

Stray Kids' Hyunjin joins idols accused of bullying

The company reported that they will not take this situation lightly, they are already listening to the opinions of students and people close to the situation within the school environment, so they were also open to directly hearing the story from whoever published the statement in online communities.

Although the investigation by JYP Entertainment continues, the statement noted that they have already confirmed that some parts of the story are false, so although they will not rest until they have the absolute truth, they also plan to take legal action against those who created and spread rumors. false that affect the image of Hyunjin and Stray Kids.

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