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Nayeon and Yeri enjoy the moment together

 TWICE's Nayeon went out on a girlfriend date with Red Velvet's Yeri, the idols took pictures and shared them with their fans.

The K-pop industry is huge, there are idols of different personalities who after living together create special chemistry with each other and start a solid friendship, one of the best-known BFFs is Red Velvet's Yeri and TWICE's Nayeon.

According to some fans, Nayeon felt very comfortable with Yeri's pleasant and friendly temperament, the singers began to interact on shows, backstage, and during awards ceremonies, thus growing affection for her.

Recently, the two members of TWICE and Red Velvet got together in an elegant restaurant, sealing the moment with different selfies that showed the charisma and complicity that exists between them.


Nayeon and Yeri enjoy the moment together

Through Yeri's personal account on Instagram, the idol updated her Stories with different selcas of her and TWICE's Nayeon, the idols got together to eat delicious dishes with good company. YAY!

The TWICE singer has a special connection with Yeri, the duo wore looks that matched each other perfectly, so maybe they agreed to look spectacular on their friend's outing.

Surely the singers took the opportunity to talk about their projects, activities, and more surprises that will soon make known to the public, they also used the beautiful space of the premises for an improvised photo session, Nayeon demonstrated her creative skills and became the official photographer of Yeri, she modeled like a pro for the camera lens.

In social networks and online communities, ONCE and ReVeluv reacted to the tender friendship of the dancers, they commented that their relationship was so close and kind that it was one of the most adorable in K-pop.

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