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Mahershala Ali won't play Joel in HBO's The Last of Us series

Mahershala Ali won't play Joel in HBO's The Last of Us series

Mahershala Ali could be Joel in the HBO series The Last of Us. The Oscar-winning actor and future Marvel Blade has been offered the role, according to a medium.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed who will be Ellie in the series The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey from Game of Thrones. And also ... they confirm that Mahershala Ali will NOT be Joel, even though he was considered, no agreement was reached.

Noticia original: The Last of Us series on HBO could have found its Joel. Mahershala Ali, the Oscar-winning actor from Green Book, House of Cards or Luke Cage, has been offered the starring role in the TV adaptation of the famous video game.

At least, that's what The Illuminerdi says, very assiduous in filtering these kinds of rumors, like that Willem Dafoe will appear in Spider-Man 3, like that Keanu Reeves has been offered the role of Kraven the Hunter, that Knuckles will appear in Sonic 2 or that Hailee Steinfeld would be Kate Bishop (which has turned out to be true).

The outlet does not mention its sources, although it curiously says that they previously offered the role to Matthew McConaughey, who declined. The decision would now be up to Ali about becoming the Joel of television.

The Last of Us series will more or less accurately narrate the plot of the first video game, which brings together Joel and Ellie, 14, two survivors who cross the United States in a zombie apocalypse. Craig Mazin, creator of Chernobyl, will act as showrunner, while Russian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov will direct the chapters.

Remember that Ali has a very important role in the future: he will be the new Blade in the film that Marvel Studios is preparing, and although there are still a few years to go before it is released (they are still with the script), fans have already imagined Ali in this role with fan arts.

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