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Jungkook promise that he never break with Jimin

 BTS celebrated the release of the new version of “BE” and held a virtual party, but Jimin made Jungkook make an important promise that he cannot break from now on.

Jungkook promise that  he never break with Jimin

The K-pop group BigHit continues the success of their music and revealed the repackage of “BE”, an album that commemorates their GRAMMY nomination and their # 1 on the Billboard chart, the boys decided to have a meeting to share with ARMY this special moment and they also congratulated Hobi on his recent birthday.

Through the VLive platform, BTS held a live broadcast to celebrate the premiere of “BE Essential Edition”, their repackage album that contains new exclusive content, but the same songs. In the middle of the celebration, Jimin made Jungkook promise something for everyone and if he breaks his word he will never speak to him again.

Two days ago, J-Hope celebrated his birthday and received the love of ARMY through various projects, from illuminated towers in cities like Mexico, events in coffee shops, donations, the creation of murals inspired by his Hope World mixtape, among others. Bangtan's maknae also surprised him with his own gift: a portrait of the idol made by himself.

Jungkook Makes An Important Promise To Jimin

During his online party at VLive, Jimin talked about the gift Hoseok received and asked Jungkook if that would be his birthday project for each member, Suga is next on the list and he wanted to know if he and everyone will also receive a drawing.

Jungkook seemed confused at first and Jimin joked when he told him that he couldn't say yes so easily as it is a real commitment and he will be sad if he doesn't keep his word and made him promise that they too will get a drawing otherwise he will It will make you sad, you will not be able to look him in the eye and will stop talking to you. LOL

ARMY reacted to his interaction and shared adorable messages about his promise, apparently, Jimin really admires Jungkook's work and wants a drawing too. It is not the first time that the maknae surprises with his skills in art, he created the stickers for “BE”, he also drew a landscape and showed the fans everything that has advanced with his drawing technique.

Besides being a great artist, he is also a great musician. Jungkook became the producer of the new BTS song.

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