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Huening Kai's advice to be happy

Huening Kai's advice to be happy

K-Pop idols manage to bring joy to their fans, so Huening Kai did not hesitate to have fun and joked with TXT followers and gave them valuable advice to achieve happiness.

Although it is currently difficult to hold events that bring fans and idols together, Korean celebrities took care not to disconnect from their followers and have shown numerous interactions through the internet. Huening Kai reappeared on Weverse and chatted with MOA, giving way to funny moments and some really emotional ones.

When one of his fans asked him what heaven was like, joking that the idol is an angel, Huening Kai played along and explained that it is a warm and welcoming place, however, he said that he decided to go down to the Earth because in the celestial world there are no stuffed animals. LOL.

It's not all about jokes in conversations with the idol, as Huening Kai also provided comfort to his fans who sometimes face difficult moments.

Huening Kai's advice to be happy

This TXT member knows that these are difficult times and some people could be affected by stress, however, he considers that forcing joy is not a good alternative and instead motivated fans to show their real emotions in order to overcome. every moment.

In this way, Huening Kai explained that for him it is better for people to express both their happiness and their sadness, because only then will they be able to free themselves from negative feelings and enjoy all the good things in their lives.

I also think it is best to talk about it with someone. If you feel shy you can still share your thoughts, just do it little by little


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