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Choi Jin-ho x Gil Hae-yeon x Heo Seong-tae x Park Ji-hoon on Drama Monster


Choi Jin-ho x Gil Hae-yeon x Heo Seong-tae x Park Ji-hoon on  Drama Monster

Choi Jin-ho x Gil Hae-yeon x Heo Seong-tae x Park Ji-hoon

Korean Drama "Monster" (director Na-yeon Shim, screenplay Kim Su-jin, production Celltrion Entertainment, JTBC Studio) first aired on February 19th, Choi Jin-ho, Gil Hae-yeon, Heo Seong-tae, Park Ji-hoon, who will raise their immersion in a sophisticated psychological battle. Revealed the appearance of. Although it is a quiet rural village, the people of Manyang-eup who are somewhere suspicious and who have been scattered throughout the drama are entangled with different desires, raising the tension of the psychological chase thriller.

Psychological chase thriller'Monster' tells the story of two men like monsters unfolding in Manyang. 'Who is the monster! Is it you, me, or us?” He constantly asks the question and closely follows the multifacetedness of humans hidden behind the incident. Director Shim Na-yeon, who showed sensuous and detailed directing in'Eighteen Moments' and'Memories of Midsummer', and author Kim Soo-jin, who has been well-received for his detailed and structured writing skills through'Mad Dog', are working together to add expectations.

Meanwhile, the extraordinary aura of Choi Jin-ho, Gil Hae-yeon, Heo Seong-tae, and Park Ji-hoon in the released photo robs the gaze. Choi Jin-ho, who overwhelms the opponent with only his eyes, is divided as the father of Han Joo-won (played by Yeo Jin-gu) and the influential candidate of the next National Police Commissioner,'Han Ki-hwan'. Han Ki-hwan is as cool and thorough as the desire he has. Even for his son, Han Ju-won, he is an infinitely cold and rational character. It's like a big barrier that elite detective Han Ju-won can't overcome. I am curious as to which variable his existence will act as a variable for Joo-won Han who is seeking truth. The transformation of Hae-yeon Gil, who was rebelled as the icon of ambition,'Do Hae-won' is also interesting. Do Hae-won, the current city council member of Munju and a candidate for the Mayor of Munju, is a person with a big ambition in a soft smile. He wants to become my mayor by keeping the catch phrase'City Munju without crime'. However, a mysterious incident reminiscent of the past 20 years ago breaks down in his plans.

Heo Seong-tae completed 'Lee Chang-jin', chairman of the Moonju Dream Town Development Countermeasure Committee with a heavy charisma. Lee Chang-jin is a well-established figure in the development of the new city and is the number one in the lobby. The owner of an animal sense that accurately detects when to hit and fall. That's why he pushes forward with the Munju development plan, which failed 20 years ago, bringing trouble to Manyang. Here, Ji-hoon Park, who is a tutoring teacher at Han Ju-won's high school days and in charge of'Kwon Hyeok', a prosecutor at Moon Ju-ji Office, is also unusual. Kwon Hyeok, who has a strong desire for success, is a person who becomes their hands and feet after establishing a relationship with Han Ju-won and Han Ki-hwan. However, the inside of it is seldom known.

The production crew of 'Monsters' said, "The face of various human groups revealed in the breathtaking psychological pursuit is another point of spectating. It will be interesting." "Please look forward to the hot acting of the actors who will complete the game," he said.

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