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Bang Chan gives the best Valentine's date to his fans

Bang Chan gives the best Valentine's date to his fans

Stray Kids' Bangchan celebrates Valentine's Day with a very special date with Stay, the group's leader shared a weekend full of songs, love advice, and gifts.

The idols of the agency JYP continue to enjoy the break for the Korean New Year celebrations, but the rapper took the time to spend time with his fans, Bang Chan decided to spend the day of love and friendship with the most special girls for him, discover how was their romantic date.

Through a new episode of his weekly vlog Chansroom, Stray Kids' Bang Chan had a very romantic date with Stay to celebrate Valentine's Day, the idol was in charge of bringing gifts for everyone, handing out virtual hugs, and giving them the best love advice, He also shared various songs to make this day the most special.

The rapper and leader of the K-pop group is known for always expressing his support for fans, always opening his heart, and trying to share life advice during his live broadcasts. He is also characterized by his kind personality and by recognizing the work of everyone who has helped the success of Stray Kids and this February 14 he showed why he is the ideal boyfriend that everyone wants.

Bang chan and stay have the most romantic date of valentine's day

Although in South Cora it is already February 15, most of the fans from other parts of the world are just celebrating Valentine's Day and since the morning of this Sunday, they had a date with the perfect couple: Bang Chan.

The idol chose his best outfit for Stay, which consisted of a black beanie and a shirt of the same color, to give him a manly and casual image. The idol also got some gifts for Stay which were a golden rose and a box of cholates. Bang Chan assured that he was there for those Stay who was alone, he considers that no girl should be if he is next to him. Awwww!

Regarding love advice, the group leader said that we should all have very high expectations when looking for a partner, as we deserve to be treated well and loved. Several fans shared his emotions on social networks and appreciated having a boy like him on this special day.

The musical part was enlivened by songs that Bang Chan considers ideal for romantic moments, such as IU's “Bluming”, which talks about the first meeting, Ariana Grande's REM if you feel identified with being nervous on your first date, it couldn't either Missing Ed Sheeran, the love hymn creator, Chan posted “Photograph” because it's ideal for this day, he also shared other songs that made him imagine dating Stay because of the lyrics.

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