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Ariana Grande reveals why she's so protective of her pets

Ariana Grande reveals why she's so protective of her pets

Ariana Grande is known for her excellent music and talented voice, another facet that fans love is the dedication and protection she has for animals such as dogs, cats, and even piglets, but where is Piggy Smallz?

From a very young age, Ariana Grande showed a love and respect for animals that led her to adopt more than one, now, the singer-songwriter owns 10 puppies and opened her own animal rescue center called Orange Twins Rescue.

Ariana Grande's pets are like her family, becoming big celebrities, some of the puppies appeared in iconic music videos of the star and starred in adorable moments next to her.

The 'POV' interpreter's love was not only limited to canines or kittens, she also owns a cute little pig named Piggy Smallz, who owns her own Instagram account and is loved by Ariana's fans. Big.

why did piggy Smallz stop appearing in Ariana grande's publications?

Ariana Grande is a very protective girl with all of her 'babies', she tries to pamper them, play with them and provide them with the best living conditions so that they develop as happy and healthy pets.

Recently, fans of the actress questioned the whereabouts of little pig Piggy Smallz, since she had not made an official appearance for months and showed concern for the animal.

In a question and answer session, Ariana Grande confessed the reason why there are no recent photos or videos of the mini pig, she commented that she is sad that fans are making painful jokes about Piggy Smallz.

She revealed that netizens posted messages where she read that they cataloged the little bacon mascot and others wrote that she ate it, which hurt the pig a lot. She didn't explain if there will be an update on Piggy Smallz in the next few days, but fans were excitedly asking for it.

Recently, Ariana Grande released the official music video for 34 + 35 remix version, she was accompanied by rappers Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. YAY!

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