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Review Game Hitman 3

Review and impressions of Hitman 3 :  a lethal end of cycle 

Review Game Hitman 3

In a couple of weeks IO Interactive will launch on our consoles and computers Hitman 3, the third and last episode of this new trilogy of one of the most famous murderers in the world of video games that will offer us the possibility of carrying out new and complicated murders with freedom characteristic of the saga and several interesting intra-stories in each of the levels that will be at our disposal.

In Vandal we have already been able to play this installment for a few hours and during the next few lines we are going to talk to you about what this third episode has seemed to us so far, reviewing some of its news and telling you our first impressions with this "end of the cycle" that will serve to close the story of Agent 47 and put him to rest for an indefinite time as confirmed by the study itself last Christmas.

Stunning scenery and the same freedom as always

Hitman 3 starts strong, showing us one of the most visually spectacular levels of the saga at the beginning of this new installment, a scenario that we have already seen in some of the game's trailers and that places us in a huge skyscraper in Dubai at that we will access after a spectacular parachute jump entering one of the upper floors of the building and infiltrating a party full of rich men.

After taking off our "paraca" suit and putting on luxury clothes, we access this glamorous event from which we can see stunning views and all the luxury present in this location in Dubai, with walls full of gold, large windows, ponds artificial and in general lines an ode to grandiloquence and a very striking scenario in sight to premiere with our first murders in Hitman 3.

Beyond this we will have, as always, great freedom to face the levels as we want, being able to follow the own clues that each of the scenarios offers us or, if we prefer, mount the murder on our own planning accidents, poisoning or taking advantage of weak points in the routines and defenses of our objectives that will be well guarded and quite alert being aware, already at this point in the saga, that they are potential targets of Agent 47.

Smile at the camera

One of the new tools that we will have at our disposal to access certain places and help us meet our objectives is a camera that will help us decode certain electronic locks and open them as well as to scan certain scenes or situations to obtain extra information that we It could be useful for the rest of the mission. This camera also serves as an excuse to activate the photo mode that is present in Hitman 3 and that will be liked by all artists who love to take spectacular images in video games, something that we can easily do in this installment given how inspired the scenarios (at least the ones we've played so far).

Review Game Hitman 3

Another novelty that we will find at the playable level are different permanent shortcuts that we can activate when we visit the different scenarios and that will remain active in successive visits to these locations. For example, if we activate a staircase at a certain point in Dubai and return to this level later to complete the mission again, we will see how this shortcut is already activated after our passage through this level previously.

Finally within the news from IO Interactive they also highlight that in this third and last installment we will have a greater number of cinematics to continue advancing through the story as well as different events focused on the story that will take place during our assassination missions throughout this final campaign in the saga.

Inside Stories More Interesting Than Ever

Beyond the new mechanics or the freedom we have to carry out the different missions and murders, in Hitman 3, as with the rest of the installments, we can also discover and follow certain intra-stories hidden in each of the scenarios. These intra-stories have seemed to us, at least in these first levels, more interesting than ever, adding more variety to a formula that already has many options in itself and even allowing us to become something more than killers in certain situations, especially in a Very interesting and fun intrahistory that we have found in the second level that we have tested of this installment and that we are not going to discover so as not to spoil the surprise when you try the game for the first time.

A good finish on a technical level ... and ready for virtual reality

Being in front of some impressions we are not going to talk too much about the technical aspect beyond commenting that the game looks very good in every way and that we have had a very good performance on our PC comfortably exceeding 120 fps at 1440p with everything in Ultra on our team with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, i7 7700K, 16 GB of RAM, SSD and Windows 10.

In addition, Hitman 3 will run at 4K resolution and 60 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S as well as being exclusively available for PlayStation VR, the exclusive virtual reality device for PlayStation consoles although we have not yet been able to test it with the helmet on our head.

An end to the saga that looks epic

To conclude, our first impressions with Hitman 3 are good. The title follows in the wake of the saga and does not incorporate many new features, but it does improve some crucial points such as the design of the scenarios or the intra-stories that are told in the different scenarios or, at least, in those that we have tested, in addition to notice that small leap in technical quality that will not break our heads (we are ultimately facing an intergenerational title) but that will allow us to enjoy the best audiovisual experience of the saga to date.

If you are fans of infiltration and assassination games in general and the adventures of Agent 47 in particular, take a look at the curves, spectacular deaths and everything you can expect from the end of the cycle of the most famous murderer in video games.

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