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Gotham Knights was unleashed around cooperative

Warner Bros. Montreal was not limited to copying or gameplay of the Arkham trilogy for Gotham Knights, second explains, moldou or combat system to think not the main element of play, or cooperative.

Gotham Knights was unleashed around cooperative

Fleur Marty, executive producer, talked to GamesRadar and explained that when playing with Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl, you will discover elements familiar to two Arkham games, plus the combat system has been redesigned as a greater variety and challenge.

"We have a completely redesigned combat system to function in non-cooperative mode. Of course, some brawlers and some mechanics will not be totally strange to what jogou and gostou of the Arkham series, but it is very different in various ways."

Marty also explained that you can change your character practically whenever you want, halfway from being heroic and being at the bottom of the world.

"As a progress in the story and shared by all the characters, you don't feel like raising the level of everyone whenever you want to exchange. I'm also very coherent in terms of the narrative."

According to him he said, the other people will be next to you and for that reason, you will have a higher level of level, even if you are only going to use them.

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