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Assault on the Capitol: the Democrats' plan to vote an impeachment against Trump

Democrats in the US Congress have a formal indictment ready against President Donald Trump for the violent assault on the Capitol on January 6.

From the House of Representatives, legislators plan to accuse the Republican president of "incitement to insurrection," James Clyburn, one of the leaders of the Democrats, told CNN.

Assault on the Capitol: the Democrats' plan to vote an impeachment against Trump

The vote would be put to a vote as soon as this Tuesday, according to Clyburn.

However, even if the measure did advance in the lower house, the intention of the Democrats is not to send any article of impeachment to the Senate - to open a trial against Trump - in the first three months of Joe Biden's government.

"Let's give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda in motion," Clyburn said.

The move would allow the new president to confirm his new cabinet and launch key policies, including fighting the coronavirus, something that would have to be delayed if the Senate receives articles of impeachment sooner, as an impeachment takes precedence over everything else.

The new US president will take his oath of office on January 20.

For now, Democrats, and a growing number of Republicans, accuse Trump of encouraging the riot against Congress on January 5, which left five people dead.

So far no Republican senator has expressed support for a lawsuit against the president, but some have asked him to resign.

"I think the best thing for our country is that the president resigns and leaves as soon as possible," Republican Senator Pat Toomey told NBC on Sunday. "I recognize that it may not be likely, but I think it would be better."

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the first Republican senator to urge the president out of office. Ben Sasse, his colleague from Nebraska, has said he is open to considering an indictment if the House of Representatives approves it.

Meanwhile, the authorities have begun a plan to search and capture the protesters who broke into the Capitol.

The White House has called the possible impeachment a "politically motivated" move that "would only serve to further divide our great country."

Biden says it is up to Congress to decide on an impeachment. But he also pointed out that he had long warned that "Trump was unfit for office."

A second impeachment?

If the process continues, Trump could become the first president in US history to be indicted twice by impeachment.

For that to happen, the charges must be presented to the House of Representatives and approved in a vote.

"It may be this Tuesday or Wednesday when action is taken," Clyburn told CNN. "I think they will be taken this week," he said.

The impeachment would then move to the Senate, where a two-thirds vote is needed to impeach a president. If he is found guilty, the Senate could also vote to ban Trump from holding public office again.

The president was already indicted in an impeachment in 2020 that failed in the Senate.

However, Clyburn said he does not believe it is possible to press charges and hold a trial before Trump leaves office within 10 days.

Another option on the table was to request - as some lawmakers have already done - Vice President Mike Pence to invoke Amendment XXV, which would allow him to become interim president if he raises the support of 8 other members of Trump's cabinet.

But this is highly unlikely, as there is no indication that the vice president is willing to invoke the amendment.

Pence has distanced himself from the president in recent days and has said he plans to attend Biden's inauguration on January 20.

Trump, on the contrary, reported that he will not attend the ceremony, despite the fact that he has already admitted that there will be a new administration and has promised a peaceful transfer of power.

Still, he goes on to point out that the November 3 elections were fraudulent, something that he has not been able to back up with evidence.

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