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Rogue Company newest update

 Rogue Company Arctic Shield Update Out Now

The Arctic Shield update for Hi-Rez's cross-platform team shooter Rogue Company is live, and it includes a new Rogue, fresh map, and more.

Rogue Company newest update

Hi-Rez Studios' cross-platform team shooter Rogue Company's newest update, Arctic Shield, is now live. The Rogue Company update is highlighted by a new map and a new Rogue.

The free-to-play Rogue Company has reached 15 million players, a very impressive count. The game continues to see support and additional content. This newest update brings the map Glacier, the new Rogue Sigrid, a brand new in-game event called The Frigid Haul, a new practice mode, and spectator mode.

The map Glacier is based on a ship that was hijacked in the arctic. The map pushes towards frantic and close-quarters engagements with various flanking routes. Although perhaps not as high profile as a Dr Disrespect Rogue skin in Rogue Company, Sigrid is a special operation former Jegertroppen member who is highly trained and skilled. She uses her Active Ability and Ballistic Shield to take on enemies.

Time will tell where Sigrid ranks among the best Rogues in Rogue Company, but players can test her out in the new practice mode, Strikeout, which allows training against bots, testing various strategies, and even warming-up and getting ready for a night of fragging. Players can also work towards unlocking the 12 free rewards in the Frigid Haul event. That content includes special winter and holiday-themed skins, sprays, etc.

Rogue Company newest update

The community has also been requesting a spectator mode, and this has finally arrived in Rogue Company. The mode will help facilitate community-based events and tournaments, including competitive play. Players will be able to jump into custom matches and use spectator mode to view gameplay, cast matches, and more.

Rogue Company is available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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