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Genshin Impact with Mona Cosplay

Genshin Impact Fan Shares Incredible Mona Cosplay

Genshin Impact characters often draw praise for their design, and they tend to inspire other creations like one fan's Mona cosplay.

Genshin Impact with Mona Cosplay

It may be new to the gaming world, but Genshin Impact has garnered some praise from fans for its generally thoughtful, anime-inspired design. This praise often manifests itself in the form of fan content like memes, comics, drawings, and sometimes even elaborate cosplay and fanfiction.

Though Genshin Impact has suffered from criticism for odd gameplay mechanics and the like, the game's stylish enemies and characters find themselves frequently serving as inspiration for its devoted fanbase, which seems eager to put its creative and technical skills to work for crowd-pleasers like recently-arrived Zhongli and the Hydro Vision powerhouse Mona.

In a similar vein, one dedicated fan of the game and Redditor has revealed their latest creation, inspired by Genshin Impact character Mona. The powerful five-star Hydro mage is commonly regarded as one of the game's preferred damage dealers. As one of the few available sources of Hydro-aligned direct damage in the game, most players welcome her openly. Reddit user KateKey_Cosplay has designed and crafted a cosplay wardrobe based on Mona, taking every element of her design into account.

Most notably, Mona the astrologist has dangling metal tassels that are somewhat inexplicably attached to the ends of her hair. Other Redditors pointed out that this Genshin Impact cosplay managed to achieve an accurate version of these mysteriously-attached accessories, which prompted its creator to respond in brief.

Genshin Impact with Mona Cosplay

It seems that these accessories were one of the cosplay's more difficult components to tackle, but KateKey accomplished the feat by using a transparent fabric to fix the accessory to her hair, rather than gluing the piece directly onto herself. The creator also said that a video showcasing the cosplay design and crafting process is being created, if fans are interested in witnessing the above-mentioned fastening technique firsthand. Though the video has yet to be uploaded, it will be available on KateKey's official Instagram account.

Aside from tackling technically-difficult pieces like Mona's accessories, KateKey also makes excellent use of editing to elevate the image. Although it's a relatively simple "splash" of Hydro magic surrounding the Mona model, it does just enough to highlight the cosplay's colorful fabrics and heighten the overall "look" without substantially altering the base. That is, fans are looking at KateKey's cosplay work first and foremost, with some complementary magic courtesy of technology.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.

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