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Hot Update of Watch Dogs: Legion

REVIEW - Watch Dogs: Legion

One of the key mechanics in Watch Dogs: Legion is recruiting. Players can recruit any character they see on the street to join Desec and the revolution by simply profiling them and doing them a favor. However, not every character is created equal. They all have different sets of skills that can help during a specific quest or task. Skilled Operatives are a higher level of character and begin spawning into the game once you’ve completed the Reporting for Duty mission early in the game.

Captured on game watch dog : legion

One of those Skilled Operative characters is the spy. The spy comes equipped with a P9 Silenced Pistol, perfect for quiet headshot kills, a Spy Watch, which can jam enemy weapons so you can take them down or make an escape, and a Spy Car, which can launch missiles and turn invisible, which is perfect for any car chase. The spy also comes with a random fourth trait. We earned spies with traits ranging from a gambling addict to being physically fit.

So where do we find them? Luckily, Reddit poster TrickyTomster has been compiling locations on where these valuable operatives roam. And yes, if you're playing on permadeath and your newly recruited spy is killed, you can go back to these locations and recruit another one. We’ve listed three of the seven locations he’s compiled so far below:

Westminster Bridge – Lambeth

We spawned in at the Westminster Fast Travel point around 10 a.m. and traveled across the bridge to the south end. On your left, you’ll see County Hall. Go through the archway, where you can see the digital clock in the courtyard.

Captured on game watch dog : legion

On the left side of the courtyard, our spy was on the phone next to her super cool car. A spy will always be with their car. Profile the spy, save them to your recruits, and begin recruiting them.

Captured on game watch dog : legion

Travel to the southeast corner of the City of London, right on the border with the Tower Hamlets neighborhood outside of the Tower of London. Go to the tourist entrance of the Tower of London, turn around to look at the Staroger Coffee Shop, and your spy should be in the area hanging out next to their car. We picked up this spy in the evening.

Tower Hotel Building Burger Shop – Tower Hamlets

Captured on game watch dog : legion

Go to south Tower Hamlets, in between the north Tower Bridge exit and the Tower Hotel. Walk toward the water as the street curves. On your left will be the Burger Shop, and across the street will be a spy with his sweet ride.

Captured on game watch dog : legion

TrickyTomster also said there could be spies just walking around the neighborhood since the Mi5/6 building is in the area too. So make sure you’re profiling the people walking around. Save them to your recruits and start recruiting them.

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