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Big updates are coming to Apex Legends with the upcoming launch of season 7. If you’re a fan of the game, you have a lot to look forward to. This includes one major change to the loot rotation you’ll see, as well as the new content drops we’ve come to expect with every season. After checking out the new content during a virtual media event hosted by Respawn Entertainment this week, it’s safe to say there’s going to be plenty to be excited about.

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Let’s Get Right To It: Yes, You’ll Be Able To Drive Vehicles

Though the new legend and map are certainly two very big reasons to be stoked, there’s no use in keeping anyone waiting — or forcing you to scroll to some random section of this page. Yes, the rumors are true: Vehicles are coming to Apex Legends in Season 7. This is exciting news as many fans have been hoping and asking for this feature for quite some time — especially after Fortnite went wild with its inclusion of vehicles that let players run rampant on the map.

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Specifically, there’s only one vehicle coming in Season 7. The Trident is a hovercar that, per Respawn, is meant to be used tactically. Right off the bat, you should know that you can’t run amok in the Trident. You won’t be able to run over other players and instantly kill them or blow up the vehicle. This may come as a disappointment to some folks, but Respawn stressed that it’s adding this feature so players can more easily move around the map, position themselves for attack, and even deliver a bit of offense.

This will be a squad-based vehicle that fits an entire three-person team. Probably the coolest thing about the Trident is that Legends will be able to attach their ultimates to it. Rampart, for example, can install her turret on it. Caustic can use his ultimate to create a gas cloud that can be spread across a larger area than normal. Gibraltar can drop his protective dome on it, too. You can expect to see a lot of experimentation early on as players test their favorite legends while riding the vehicle.

It’s worth noting that the Trident will only be available on the new map and not the current areas. That brings us to the next big update coming to Apex Legends…

New Map Olympus May Change The Flow Of Battle (But Just A Bit)

The new map coming in Season 7 is interesting, to say the least. It’s noticeably larger than Kings Canyon but smaller than World’s Edge. Its design, however, is what really makes it stand out. Apex Legends has experimented with teleportation and moving players to different parts of the map in an instant, but Olympus looks to be all about mobility.

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You’ll be able to switch to new areas using “phase runners.” These will teleport you to entirely new locations, allowing you to move from one area of the map to another in an instant. This should prove useful if you’re stuck in between two squads duking it out, if you’re outnumbered, or if you just need to get out of a battle you’re getting destroyed in. Of course, other teams can (and most likely will) follow you, but phase runners give you more of a fighting chance if you’re the underdog.

Visually, Olympus has a very clean look to it. The map has an even more futuristic look to it than World’s Edge. From a gameplay and tactical standpoint, we’ll have to wait and see if the new map can top Kings Canyon as most players’ favorite map, but it’s definitely a great-looking battleground.

Horizon Joins The Apex Legends Roster With Some Powerful Abilities

We’ve seen glimpses of Horizon here and there recently, but after checking out the character, I think we may have a new main for a lot of players. First off, thanks to her spacesuit, Horizon has way more air control than the other characters. She won’t land stiffly when dropping from the airship at the start of a match. Instead, she’ll keep some of her momentum and get a running landing, which could allow players to instantly position themselves more strategically and grab loot quicker.

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In addition, Horizon can be controlled much more smoothly whenever she’s airborne. So, if you jump off a building or take one of Octane’s jump pads, you’ll have more aerial control. We’ll see how this affects battles as most longtime players have sort of mastered the stiffer aerial movements of the other legends. Horizon’s control could mean trouble for other players, or it could be a non-factor at this point — it could really go either way.

With Horizon’s tactical ability, you can drop a gravity lift. This lift can be used to launch yourself upward if you’re trying to reach higher ground or launch away from it if you need to launch yourself out of a bad gunfight. This move will undoubtedly play a pivotal defensive role if used properly. You could potentially drop the gravity lift so as to launch opponents away, which will likely have comedic (but also obviously useful) results.

Last is Horizon’s ultimate, which is a black hole that can be used to pull other players out of cover. This is great if you’re dealing with a pesky team that’s dealing out damage from behind a wall. This black hole can also suck players in and do some damage. At this time, this ultimate is definitely powerful, but Respawn has confirmed that it’s going to keep a close eye to see if a balance update is needed.

Horizon’s abilities make her quite the defensive powerhouse, and it’s going to be interesting seeing if she’s too overpowered and needs to be balanced down the road.

Season 7 And Beyond: Content, Quality Of Life, And Next-Gen

Vehicle, map, and Legend updates aside, there’s a lot more coming to Apex Legends with Season 7 and even further down the road. The new battle pass will include everything you’ve come to expect including skins, quips, and challenges. Speaking of which, beginning with Season 7, you’ll earn stars instead of XP for completing challenges, with 10 stars equaling one level. This change is meant to create a cleaner, more streamlined state of progression in the game.

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Keeping things more straightforward, you’ll also be able to track daily challenges, event challenges, and challenges you’ve almost completed both on the menu and in-game. This should eliminate the guesswork that comes when you’re working on five or six challenges and can’t remember if you were, say, trying to get 10 kills with a Flatline or 20 headshots with any AR.

Regarding the loot pool, the Prowler will now only be available in care packages while the R-99 is being dropped back into standard loot chest rotation. Given how popular the Prowler is among Apex Legends players, I don’t think this will resonate very well, and it’s kind of a bummer that one of the coolest weapons in the game will only be available in limited quantities.

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Another big update is the introduction of clans, known in Apex Legends as clubs. These work just how you’d expect them to. That said, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to join one club, with a limit of 30 players per club. These limitations may not be well-received by all players, so we’ll see if Respawn makes any changes eventually.

The last major thing to note about the future of Apex Legends is its availability on other platforms and services. First, the game will arrive on Steam with Season 7, featuring cross-progression between players’ Steam and Origin accounts. Regarding next-gen platforms, the game will be playable on day one, but through backward compatibility only. Details regarding a native next-gen version are currently under wraps. In terms of the Switch version, that’s currently being prepped for a 2021 launch, though not much else is known at this time.

Like with any content update, there’s a lot of really cool stuff coming to Apex Legends Season 7, as well as some question marks. We’ll have to see how the new map, vehicle, and Horizon play out, but right now those additions are looking pretty sweet. Sadly, it doesn’t look like there are any plans to remove Wraith and Pathfinder’s recent movement downgrades. That aside, Season 7 of Apex Legends looks to be the biggest update yet with plenty of awesome content for players to look forward to.

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